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Commissions closed until I finish my current 5 slots! Will likely reopen again in March!

3D Avatar Re-skins

Starting Price: $45

Additional Charges:

- Unity/VRChat Setup: +$15
- Adding toggles/accesories/basic Unity edits (up to 5): +$15
- VRM/Vtuber Model: +$15
- Adding Quest compatability: +$15
- Character Complexity: +$15

*See list below for all available avatar base models and links to Gumroad pages

Note: We must both own the base model of the avatar you wish to commission a re-skin of in order to upload it your own account, as per the TOS of the original creators. Otherwise if only I own the avatar and the TOS of the original creator allows it, I can upload the avatar to my account as a public avatar and you may clone it off me.

Avatar Base Models Available: